• Each accepted paper must have one unique author registration. A paper cannot be registered with any other category regardless of the author(s) attending the conference onsite or online. If one author registration is paid for a paper then other co-authors of the same paper can register with other categories if they apply (e.g., student).
  • Authors are allowed to buy up to two extra pages for their papers. The cost for 1 extra page is 1000 SEK (exclusive VAT).
  • All prices are excluding VAT.

The prices for participation are as follows (All prices are excluding VAT):

Author Registration  
IEEE Member Fee 8 000 SEK
Non-Member Fee 9 600 SEK
Non-Author Registration - Onsite  
IEEE Member Fee  5 600 SEK
Non-Member Fee 6 720 SEK
Student IEEE Member Fee  3 920 SEK
Student Non-Member Fee  4 705 SEK
Life IEEE Member Fee  3 080 SEK
Non-Author Registration - Online  
IEEE Member Fee  1 000 SEK
Non-Member Fee  1 200 SEK
Student IEEE Member Fee  700 SEK
Student Non-Member Fee 840 SEK

Acceptance of IEEE policies are required to register for this event.

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